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Our work


Hope without Boundaries was formed in 2008 to provide financial aid and volunteer labor primarily in support of local charitable organizations run by Mexican volunteers and operating in the poorest parts of Tijuana, Mexico.

Hope without Boundaries (HwB) was formed as the result of a group of San Diego County volunteers being introduced to those charities.


We channel 100% of all donations to supported organizations.

We pay no administrative expenses. All costs are absorbed by volunteers as donations in kind.


Join us. Come visit Tijuana with us and get involved. Contact one of our officers.

Where we work


Neighborhoods we serve consist of shanties, often built on abandoned land such as garbage  dumps or steep canyon sides. Rain creates muddy streets and miserable living conditions. There is no heating or A/C, and extremes of heat and cold are common.


The people of these communities, and the discarded aged and infirm of the border town of Tijuana, are impoverished and with no place to turn.



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